Stuart Anderson

University of Edinburgh


Stuart Anderson

Friday 13th June 2014, 10:05am


TITLE | Social Sensemaking of Monitoring Data

ABSTRACT | Moving data out of the context in which it is gathered can make it difficult to interpret. We argue that a process of “social sensemaking” can help overcome this difficulty by enabling the transfer of some aspects of context when data is moved. We illustrate this by drawing on an example in telehealthcare and provide an outline of our current work on this problem.

BIOGRAPHY | Stuart Anderson is professor of Dependable Systems at Edinburgh. He works on socio‐technical systems, their resilience and how Social Science and Informatics provide a unique perspective on the conception, design, deployment and operation of computer‐based systems. Recently he established the Digital Health Institute at the University of Edinburgh, and work on Social Computation, Collective Adaptive Systems and their application in Digital Health.