Paul Lukowicz

Friday 13th June 2014, 11:25am


TITLE | Collaborative Social Sensing

ABSTRACT | One of the most profound technological phenomena of the last decade is the increasing blurring of boundaries between the digital and the physical world. We are currently witnessing the emergence of a connected, environment aware “digital ecosystem” encompassing anything from automotive electronics through home automation systems and service robots to an explosively growing volume of user generated online content related to the physical world (tweets, photos, videos etc.). The talk will discuss how the information present in such digital ecosystems can be leveraged to monitor, understand and influence social processes at different scales.

BIOGRAPHY | Paul Lukowicz is Professor of AI at the DFKI and Kaiserslautern University of Technology in Germany where he heads the Embedded Intelligence group. He holds an MSc. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a MSc. in Physics. His research focuses on context aware ubiquitous and wearable systems including sensing, pattern recognition, system architectures, models of large scale self organized systems, and applications.