Irene Ng

University of Warwick


Irene Ng

RCUK NEMODE Session — Friday 13th June 2014, 2:15pm


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ABSTRACT | The Hub-of-all-Things (HAT) is a £1.2m multi-disciplinary project funded by the Research Council’s UK Digital Economy Programme. It involves a team of 16 researchers from the domains of Economics, Business, Computing and the Arts across six UK universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Nottingham, Warwick and the West of England. Starting in June 2013, HAT will create the first ever Multi-sided Market Technology Platform for the home. The HAT allows individuals to acquire data and build their own repository of horizontal, meaningful data that is useful for decision-making (contextualisation), and enables them to exchange data with firms for products and services. The HAT will create a horizontal platform that fits human lives, evolving into the next stage of the Internet; that of people and things. With an epic collision of vertical industries of manufacturing, service and Internet companies, new horizontal-type business and economic models that are human-centric is expected to emerge.

BIOGRAPHY | Irene Ng is the Professor of Marketing and Service Systems at the University of Warwick, leading the trans-disciplinary Service Systems Research initiative within the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG). Irene is involved in several government-funded research projects in the digital economy, including being the Principal Investigator of the RCUK Hub-of-all-Things (HAT) project as well as co-investigator of the RCUK New Economic Models of the Digital Economy (NEMODE) Network+ project. Prior to joining academia, Irene was an entrepreneur for 16 years as CEO of SA Tours, one of Southeast Asia’s largest tour operators, and the founder of Empress Cruise Lines, which she had built into a venture worth US$250 million in annual turnover when she sold it in 1996. Since becoming an academic in 1997, Irene has received global recognition for her work in value, new business models and service systems, with 22 journal articles, three books and national appointments such as the ESRC /AIM Services Fellow in 2008 and ESRC /NIHR Fellow in 2009. Her latest book Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy was recently published by Cambridge University Press in early 2014 Irene’s research lies in the transdisciplinary understanding of value; understanding, creating, designing, pricing, contracting and innovating based on value, as well as new business models and value co-creation in complex service systems.