Adrian Letchford

University of Warwick


Adrian Letchford

RCUK NEMODE Session — Friday 13th June 2014, 2:00pm


TWITTER | @robolyst

TITLE | Telling Meaningful Stories with Data

ABSTRACT | The world’s data is growing. In 2011, we created almost 2 trillion gigabytes. Recent studies suggest online data can be used to improve forecasts of stock markets, track a crisis in real time, and glean new insights into an economy. Yet, we have no way for people to instantly explore and understand this enormous treasure. Here at the University of Warwick and University College London, we are building Tree: a data engine that lets you instantly explore online data, make remarkable discoveries and tell meaningful stories.

BIOGRAPHY | Adrian Letchford has spent his life on computers. Five years after high school, he had earned a Bachelor of Computer Science with 1st Class Honours and completed his Ph.D research. Adrian has worked on artificial intelligence, finance, veterinary science, agent based models and Australian national security. Currently at Warwick Business School, Adrian focuses on building software tools that connect online behaviour to the real world.